Overcoming the Weight Loss Plateau

Overcome your weight loss issuesAt first, losing weight with Isagenix may seem like a breeze. You’ve been taking the products and going through the Isagenix System for a few months and you feel better than ever before.

Lately, however, you’re progress has slowed and it’s taking you longer and longer to shed those kilograms. You may be starting to wonder whether or not you can lose those last few kilograms and reach your ideal weight. You may have even asked yourself, “What am I doing wrong?”

Well, chances are you’re not doing anything wrong at all; you’ve just hit the weight loss plateau!


Don’t Fear the Plateau

Weight loss plateaus are perfectly normal. Even the most dedicated people experience them on their weight loss journeys. Although weight loss plateaus can take place at any time, clinical trials suggest most occur around the six-month mark or after losing 5-10 kilograms.

Why Do They Take Place?

Science hasn’t given us any clear definitive answers to this question. That being said, some responsibility can be placed on a person’s ability to stick to their program as research has shown that adherence to weight loss programs often erode over time.

For the most part, however, the plateau is simply a natural part of weight loss. As your body shrinks in size, it requires less energy and adjusts to surviving on fewer calories. Naturally, your body wants to resist further weight loss, leaving you to wonder whether or not what you’re doing is still working.

Getting Past It

IsaLean Shake ChocolateExperiencing a weight loss plateau is a clear sign that some things need to change. If you’re not currently using Isagenix products, try adding them to your diet today! A tasty and nutritious Isalean Shake once a day will provide you with a satiating protein-filled boost and keep you from munching on snacks loaded with undesirable ingredients and calories.

While protein and your overall diet play an important role in getting past your weight loss plateau, physical activity is also important. Like diets, exercise routines can become mundane. Try changing up your routine to reinvigorate your weight loss training and provide your metabolism and psyche with the boost they need.

Combined with ample protein and proper sleep, exercise will help fuel muscle growth and promote a faster metabolism.

Overcoming the Plateau: Guidelines for Success

In order to put the dreaded weight loss plateau in your rearview mirror, you’ll need to follow a routine involving a combination of high-intensity aerobic exercise, resistance training, and Isagenix products, such as IsaLean PRO and IsaLean Shakes. Here’s an example of a regimen that’s proven successful time and time again:


Rather than eating your typical breakfast, opt for a serving of IsaLean PRO. With 36 grams of protein and only 280 calories per serving, it’s a healthy, tasty, and satiating way to start your day.

Afterwards, perform a quick and intense cardiovascular exercise routine in order to help boost your metabolism and burn fat throughout the day.


Healthy salad plate with tomatoes, chicken breast and avocado

Rather than going with a sandwich, or whatever else you would typically eat for lunch, have a salad with a lean source of protein such as chicken or tuna.

Stuck for ideas? Try some of these delicious recipes from Taste.com.au.




Make time each afternoon to get in a solid 30 minutes of high-intensity resistance training to help optimise muscle growth and maintenance. For a snack, mix a scoop or two of IsaPro with a banana for a protein-filled boost.


Eat a healthy dinner featuring whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and some sort of protein. For optimal results, try not to exceed 600 calories.

As far as daily calorie consumption is concerned, 1,200-1,500 is ideal. However, you may need to adjust this figure depending on your size and bodyweight. If you require more calories, you may want to incorporate some terrific Isagenix snacks into your daily diet as well.

By following this routine, you’re all but guaranteed to reach your weight loss goals. While you may get frustrated along the way, it’s important to remain calm and convicted in your quest. Generally, you can expect to healthily lose 1-2 kilograms per week. You may be tempted to give in to your cravings or throw in the towel before you lose those last few kilograms, but these tips and this gut-busting daily routine will have you over the weight loss plateau in no time at all.